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What our customers have said
Katie Buckley

Many thanks for the Frost Fighter. I recently suffered some muscular injury playing soccer with my local club. The heat from the infrared lamp applied to the muscle has enabled me to recover faster than normal. I am going to tell my friends about this invaluable product.

Sarah Boyle

I suffer from arthritis and I get great relief from the infrared heat using the Frost Fighter, very happy with it, thanks.

Maurice Moody

I use the Frost Warrior for my vintage car. The infrared heat helps dry out the moisture from within the car body and helps prevent the spread of rust.

Damien Duffy

I recently bought some Frost Warriors for my lambs and since, I've been able to cut my electricity costs along with freeing up my time to concentrate on other jobs around the farm without having to think about the cold weather and switching on some heat for my lambs.

Jon Donsworth

Having seen Frost Fighter on the website, I purchased 2 . One is for my attic and the other is for my dog. I must say, I am very happy with them. They are easy to use.

Mary O’ Brien

I recently bought the Frost Fighter at the Totally DIY 2014 show. I am very pleased with it. It was so simple to install in my attic, I did it myself!!

Robert Jones

I was given a present of a Frost Fighter from my niece recently. I use it in my green house to prevent my precious plants from dying due to the cold night temperatures. I am very happy with the Frost Fighter.

Patrick Duffy

I saw the Frost Fighter recently in a magazine. Having purchased one on the internet, I am quite pleased with it and it gives me peace of mind.

Robert McKeon

I bought a Frost Warrior at the Totally DIY show last February. I use it for my animals to keep them warm at night. I find it very economical and the fact that it is automatic is great.

Joe Doyle

I have a Frost Warrior and I use it to keep me warm while I work in my garage. The low running cost is really worthwhile.