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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Frost Fighter?

Frost Fighter is a product designed to protect your pipes and tanks in the attic from freezing. It is easy to install and easy to use.

How do I install the Frost Fighter?

Using the contents provided in the package screw in the clips and hang your frost fighter from these. Simply plug in and set your desired temperature. Your Frost Fighter is now active.

Is it safe to leave plugged in?

It is absolutely safe to leave plugged in.

Can the bulb be tested?

Ensure there is power in the local outlet. Turn the dial on the thermostat to the test feature and the bulb should then turn on. If bulb needs to be replaced ensure that Frost Fighter is unplugged from power supply.

How high above the tank is recommended?

There should be a minimum distance of 600mm between the bulb and the item being heated.

What are the top temperatures it will reach?

The bulb and bulb holder will be the hottest parts of the product so please allow adequate time before handling after the product has been active.

How long will the light stay on for?

As long as the local environment temperatures are below the set level on the thermostat the bulb will stay lit.

What are the applications for the Frost Fighter?

Both the Frost Fighter & Frost Warrior have many applications.

Both can be used around the farm for young animals in the early days of birth. They are also used for horses in foal. Other uses include: vintage cars to prevent rust getting hold, racing bikes, water left in engines can be detrimental in extreme frost. Other applications include protecting pumps and pipes in the loft, out-house or garden shed.

Garden sheds or Green house use the Frost Warrior to prevent damage to plants being prepared for the spring.

People with arthritis or muscular injuries find the infrared heat from the Frost Fighter gives immediate relief to the effected areas.

What are Heat Cables?

Heat cables can be used in many areas. Generally, they are used to wrap around water pipes to prevent freezing. They are fully automatic and once the temperature drops to around 3degs C the thermostat allows the cable to heat up at a rate of 12-17 watts per meter, depending upon the cable type. As with all our other products, they are fully automatic.

Heat cables are also used in mainstream industry, whereby, a particular ingredient within a mix is subject to low temperatures. This ingredient’s container is then covered with a heat cable as appropriate. When the temperature drops to a pre-set level, the heat cable activates thus keeping the relevant ingredient at a proper miscible level suitable for proper mix in the later stage of the process.