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Welcome to Frost Protection Products

Prevention Is Better Than Cure This Winter and Every Winter

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Use in the attic overhead the water tank or place over the cold water pipes in your pump house to prevent freezing.

Keep Animals Warm

Animals feel the cold too. Keep your small domestic and farm animals warm during the cold winter months.

Personal Use

Our Frost Mat is perfect for the elderly and people with poor circulation or place under your desk at work.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Protected Today!

Discover the range of Frost Protection Products available to buy online, from our flagship Frost Fighter to our multi-use Frost Heat Cables.

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Multiple Applications

Our range of products can be used for a wide range of applications across muliple industries and sectors.


Perfect for use around the home for pipes, small pets and our mats are ideal for personal use.


Protect your commercial property when the temperature drops, don't let burst pipes ruin your business.


Protect your farms water pumps, milking parlours and pump houses while keeping your animals warm.